Friday, August 20, 2010

Why I Love My Steam Shark

     When I think of how much easier it is to use my Steam Shark versus the old mop and bucket, I fall even more in love with it. True, it was a bit spendy ($119.99 @Target when I bought it last winter), but really I will save that much in cleaning solutions overtime. All I have to put in my Steam Shark is water.*Use distilled water for a longer lasting steam mop.* Distilled water is really cheap at your local Albertson’s, Smith’s or Von’s ($1-$3). I fill it, choose a mop head and mop cover, plug her in and steam my way to sanitary floors.

     Granted, it doesn’t sanitize carpets, it only “freshens” them. But still, my Steam Shark is so worth the buy! Especially if you have all wood or tile floors! The mop covers come right off and go straight into your washing machine to be cleaned and used again. Use them until you think you’ve worn them out, rather than using disposable mop covers that you have to buy continuously. The Steam Shark really does clean. When I walk on my freshly “sharked” kitchen floor, I can FEEL that it is clean. No stickiness, just clean. Overall, I have to say the small investment I paid for my Steam Shark was well worth doing away with hands-and-knees style floor cleaning.

*The Fem Place was in no way compensated for this review. I just love my steam mop so much I thought I would share it with you.*

Monday, August 9, 2010

Everyting AND the Kitchen Sink!

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     Are you doing some remodeling? Maybe you are in the process of building your house and you have everything, BUT the kitchen sink? is currently sharing some great discounts on kitchen sinks right now! Were you just waiting for the right price on a stainless steel kitchen sink? See what all is being offered at The prices for Double Bowl Stainless Steel sinks right now are hot! You definitely don’t want to miss out! Quality brands like Franke Manor House, Vigo Industries and the Elkay Lustertone Collection are giving excellent summer prices for their products, just in time for your redecorating project. Get yours for a STEEL of a price while supplies last.

     Already have your dream kitchen perfected? Maybe it is the bathroom this season that is getting its overdue makeover? also has the season’s scoop on ceramic sinks for your pretty little powder room. Round, rectangular or semi-recessed, wants to help you find whatever style you’re looking for this season. Beautifully polished ceramic sinks from companies such as Express Décor, Quality Bath and Surplus Décor are close to hand. With brands we know and love great prices and discounts are the icing on the cake! Toto, Kraus, RonBow and Nameek’s; find all this and more today at

     Last but not least, is also giving you the inside dish on utility sinks for your laundry room too. It may not be as fun as redecorating your kitchen or bathroom, but no less important. knows this and that’s why they are supplying you with prices you are looking for on the designs you want. Crane, Julien Urbanedge Pedestal, Advance Tabco or, my personal favorite, Whitehaus Laundry, are all waiting to become a part of your “laundry day”. Make your Cinderella experience a little easier with a utility sink that you hand pick. Get yours today at

**It is a possibility that The Fem Place could be monetarily compensated for this review, but that in no way influences our opinion. Great prices are great prices whether I agree or not.**
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Yummy Breakfast Skillet

Today I would like to share a yummy breakfast skillet recipe with you, out of which you can make breakfast burritos!

This was for a family of three, so you can alter these numbers and measurements according to your specific needs and preferences.

Step 1: Dice two medium size russet potatoes into small cubes. Cut half a pack of turkey bacon into bite size pieces. Combine potatoes and bacon in a large skillet with a TBSP of EVOO *This is to keep your potatoes from burning before the turkey bacon can produce any grease* and any desired spices. *I used cajun seasoning and black pepper. I personally DO NOT add salt to my dishes* Cook on medium heat until bacon is cooked thoroughly and potatoes are soft.

Step 2: Dice up one green bell pepper and one-half an onion. Also cut three cloves of garlic into thin slices. Combine veggies and garlic with your still sizzling’ potatoes and bacon...

 and continue to cook over medium heat until green pepper reaches desired texture.

Step 3: Scramble five (or more) large, white eggs *Note my picture shows three, but that turned out not to be enough*

 and grate approximately 4 oz of desired flavor of cheese *This is a measurement you might alter to taste*. Pour eggs over skillet mixture.

Push around with your spatula or spoon until eggs are cooked. Then add your cheese and stir continuously until cheese is all melty and delicious.

Step 4: Heat up, fry in EVOO or use straight from the bag, enough flour tortillas for everyone to make burritos. Spoon some of your skillet mixture onto your tortilla and add a little Cholula hot sauce or whatever kind you prefer. Wrap it up and enjoy!

Final Thought: All in all, this is actually a pretty healthy dish. By using EVOO and TURKEY bacon you omit things like butter, vegetable oil and pork fat. You also use FRESH vegetables and garlic. Garlic has been said to have many medicinal qualities such as containing antioxidants which can help protect the body from “free radicals”. The hot sauce may be questionable, but hey, sometimes you gotta spice it up!
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